Here are my 'best of' from the r30 UK leg of the tour. I took about 400 pics and my friends brother took about 100 during one night when my seat was 'too conspicuous'. Many thanks to the security staff for 'not noticing'. Just hover your mouse over the thumbnails to view larger images. These pictures are very low res and so are not as good as you will get from the full sized image. Click here for the file list or click the thumbnail to view. Please 'allow popups' if you are using xpSP2 firewall or you won't see very much.
lr0909a.jpg lr0909c.jpg lr0909d.jpg lr0909e.jpg lr0909f.jpg lr0909g.jpg lr0911a.jpg lr0911b.jpg lr0911d.jpg lr0911e.jpg lr0911f.jpg
lr0912a.jpg lr0912b.jpg lr0914a.jpg lr0914c.jpg lr0914d.jpg lr0914a.jpg lr0911f.jpg lr0914h.jpg lr0914k.jpg lr0914n.jpg lr0914o.jpg
lr0914p.jpg lr0914q.jpg lr0915a.jpg lr0915b.jpg lr0915c.jpg lr0915d.jpg lr0915e.jpg lr0915f.jpg lr0915g.jpg lr0915h.jpg lr0915i.jpg
lr0915j.jpg lr0915k.jpg lr0915l.jpg lr0915m.jpg lr0915n.jpg lr0915s.jpg lr0915t.jpg lr0914b.jpg lr0914i.jpg lr0914j.jpg lr0914l.jpg lr0914m.jpg lr0915ob.jpg lr0915r.jpg